Its been a crazy year so far for The Plastics with Arjuna leaving to go to Germany to pursue other musical endeavours whilst still touring and playing many shows with amazing session guitar players. We would just like to thank our session guitar players Giles Sayers and Ebi Johnstone who have been such fun and great to have around. You guys really helped us out lots!

But now a new chapter. We have finally settled on a new Plastic :)

Joining the band from Durban, a sensational talent and all around chilled guy, we would like to welcome Emile Van Dango to The Plastics.

Emile is our new guitarist and he is an awesome dude, so treat him nice.

Here is the first of many band pics of the new The Plastics Lineup.

Photo by Lauren Waller

Photo by Lauren Waller

Thanks for all the support!

See you at the shows
The Plastics


Feb 2013… Slug Life Tour/MV Awards/Occasional Lies/Best Pretenders Vid/Rolling Stone/

Hey peeps!

By the title of this post you can tell that Feb is going to be a busy month in Plastics land!  It’s already been a great start to the year with our 2 acoustic shows going down nicely as well as the Stellies Jool and UCT RAG parties.  Thanks to everyone that came down to check us out!


Gauteng we’re coming back for you!  After having such a rad time on our album launch tour, we couldn’t wait to get back to play for you again.  A few things – the Open Room Studios gig is limited to 30 tickets so go to www.webtickets.co.za to book yours.  The Puma Social Club show is free if you register on their site.  Here’s all the details for the “Slug Life Tour”…

Slug Life Gauteng Feb 2013

Slug Life Gauteng Feb 2013

Facebook event:


We’re stoked to announce that we’ve been nominated for 2 MK Awards in the categories of Best Group and Best Indie for our Stereo Kids video.  Big thanks to Rob Smith and the rest of the team for making this all possible.  Such an organised and professional shoot and the result I think speaks for itself ;)

If you wish to vote for us (and hopefully you do!) please go to this link and click on “Groep” and “Indie” and cast your vote.

If you’re yet to see this video, here it is:


Our 3rd single off Pyramid called “Occasional Lies” was recently submitted to radio stations around the country and we’ve been playlisted on 5FM, Tuks FM and MFM thus far.  It’s a song we recorded in the first round of studio time for the album back in 2011.  Listen out for it!  But in the meantime you can listen to it on our Sound Cloud.


At the end of last year we won an MK MVP for Best Pretenders.  Check out the result below of all Andover Productions labours (thanks Dan, Chrisy and Claude) as well as Sea Monsters amazingly creative animation below:


This one is a dream for any band out there – there’s an article on us in the Feb 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.  Pick one up for insights into our band and what we’ve been up to.


We’ve partnered up with the Greek Merchant to make our latest album “Pyramid” available for purchase on their website.  Go to http://www.thegreekmerchant.com/ to buy it.  Our previous albums are also available there.

That’s all for now folks!  See you at a show soon!


2013 – Here we go!


First of all, happy 2013 to everyone!  There seems to be a nice ‘n positive buzz surrounding this year and I hope everything works out for all of you.  We’ve got quite the exciting year lined up with quite a number of things in the pipeline.

We’re busy getting together an acoustic set for our next show – this Saturday (19 Jan 2013) at Mercury.  Our set is going to include a number of covers that we’ve been working on.  It’s been a while since we learnt a cover and I gotta say that the ones we chose are all great songs you’ll probably recognise and are a lot of fun to play!  The event is part of a series called “One Perfect Circle” where the stage is put in front of the sound desk.  It’s a more relaxed vibe with seating available so it promises to be one keef night!  Joining us will be Peachy Keen and Paige Mac so come on down!  Tickets are only R40.

That’s all for now from me.  See you at a show soon!


Pyramid Album Launch at Assembly — This Friday (16 November 2012)!!


It’s been a while since I’ve written and for pretty good reason.  We recently arrived back from our nationwide album launch tour where we played 8 gigs in different cities/towns across the country.  I think what we took from that experience is that we really need to visit your cities more often because we felt so much love at all the gigs!  We played to loads of people and all of them seemed really appreciative of us playing at their local clubs.  Trust me it’s mutual and we’ll be back to all those places soon!

The second reason this blog has been a bit quiet is because we’re gearing up for our hometown launch at The Assembly in Cape Town this Friday (16 November 2012) and I can tell you that we’re going all out to make it memorable for us as well as all of you that come through!  We’ve done a ton of press (thanks to our ever hard working PR extraordinaire Rachelle Crous) and are aiming to make it our biggest and best gig ever.  A good friend of ours Johan, the drummer from Kidofdoom, once told us that a gig is worth 10 band practices so we’ve had a good 80+ in the last month by his theory!  Joining us are some of our favourite bands and dj’s from the city, namely Beach Party, Al Bairre, DJ Sideshow and DJ MudBlud.  Awesome to be able to have such rad muso’s on this night!

A special big ups to Scar Hair, those lovely peeps that keep us party on top.  We’ve been involved with them for a good few years now and they’ve always been extremely supportive of us.  They do some really good work for charity such as the Shave-a-thon in support of Cancer, a cause that’s become close to our hearts in the past year… but more details on that later in the month when we release our colab with a very special young lady.  Scar, you guys are the biz!

For details about our Cape Town launch, check the flyer below or visit the facebook event in the flyer caption.  There are also some neat giveaways and various ways you can get into the show for free at the bottom of this post.

See y’all on Friday… amped!!!


Giveaway links



Pyramid Tour — Radio — Synergy — Pyramid artwork

Pyramid Tour

The tour to mark the launch of our new album “Pyramid” begins this Saturday (13 October) at Aandklas in Stellenbosch and we couldn’t be more stoked!  We’ve been practising really hard together with Giles, who’s filling in for Juki.  The set has all come together rather nicely and there are just so many songs we’re amped to play to you all!  Joining us for this one will be Sons of Settlers (made up of ex members of Fotonadans and New Holland) and Dogtown, 2 bands I’ve never seen before but heard a lot of good things about so keen to check them out!  Cover is an entirely reasonable R30 ;)  MFM are giving away tickets and a copy of the album tonight and tomorrow night so listen in.

For our Durban fans, we’ll be at Live on the 19th of October and the lovely people at Lee Jeans have offered up some prizes in this competition so enter now!

For the rest of the tour dates in your city, click here.


Listen out for us on the following radio stations on which we’ve gained playlisting for our second single off the album “Best Pretenders”:

5FM (entered the top 40 this week)
Bush Radio
East Rand Stereo
UCT Radio
Radio Retail


We’re stoked to announce that we’ve been confirmed for the main stage at Synergy 2012.  We’ve played at this festival a few times before and have to say that it’s one of our faves!  They’re releasing early bird tickets soon so go to their facebook page and find out how.  We recently played an acoustic gig at Daisies at the Bos Iced Tea stage and here’s a pic of us having fun in the sun.  Thanks for having us Bos!

Pyramid Artwork

As you may have noticed, we’ve been releasing the artwork for each song off Pyramid and you’ll find them all in the booklet that accompanies the cd.  Here’s the remainder of the art together with the artist who painted/drew/crafted it at Art Jamming:

Rat by Lorraine Loots

Rat by Peter Crafford

Mud and Money by Inka Kendzia

Girl, You’re Nothing Like a Woman by Hanno van Zyl

Best Pretenders by Roann Louw

Hallway of Mirrors by Lauren Waller

See you at the shows!  Karl





Pyramid Tour dates

It’s getting close to the release of our 2nd full length album, which will be entitled Pyramid.  To celebrate this release, we’re touring the country in October to bring the new tunes to you.  Here are the tour dates:

13 October – Aandklas (Stellenbosch) w. Sons of Settlers + Dogtown

19 October – Live (Durban) w. Black Math + Asleep in Transit + Catlike Thieves

20 October – Arcade Empire (Pta) w. The December Streets + The Olympic

23 October – Firkin Pub (Centurion) w. Tidal Waves + Kite Rider

24 October – POP Art (Joburg) w. Kite Rider

25 October – Bohemian (Joburg) w. The December Streets + Planet Joy

26 October – Memphis Rock (Potch) w. Moses Metro Man

27 October – Mystic Boer (Bloem) w. King Hero + Oros in ‘n Lang Glas

16 November – The Assembly (CT) w. Bands TBA

Hope we’re going to check you all in your local city!  In the build up to the album release as well as the tour, we’ve been posting artwork from Pyramid.  Each piece of art is a representation by the artist of one of the album’s songs.  If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are (track numbers included):

1. Occasional Lies by Arno Kruger

2. Stereo Kids by Gary Cool

3. Out of this Town by Swain Hoogervorst

4. Underwater Kite by Baden Moir

4. Underwater Kite by Cassandra Johnson

5. Sooner Than Later by Jade Waller

Hey peeps

Some good news – 5fm have picked up Best Pretenders for rotation.  It’s our 2nd single from our forthcoming 2nd full length album entitled Pyramid.  We’ve also put it up on our soundcloud account so click here to have a listen.  Here’s the single artwork, painted by the uber-talented Roann Louw and will be included, along with many other art pieces by equally gifted artists, in the booklet for the Pyramid album

We’re also receiving back the Abbey road studio-mastered final tracks for the album this evening so looking forward to it all coming together in a nice lil package you can buy in stores nation-wide from early October.

We are going to be supporting the release of the album by doing a nice long tour of the country.  Tour dates to be announced soon!  We can’t wait to play the tracks to you live!

Time to go graft on the setlist and maybe a few brewski’s at Kill City Blues.



Mercury with Wrestlerish, Pyramid and other news

Top of the morning to ya!

It really is exciting times for our band.  Lots of things to fill you all in on:

Next CT Show:  31 August 2012 at Mercury with Wrestlerish and Matthew Mole:

It’s been a while since we’ve played a Cape Town show and even longer since our last at Mercury so we’re certainly amped for this one!  Joining us will be Gautengers Wrestlerish, who are down on tour.  They’ve had a few member changes and redirected their sound a bit, from what I’ve heard, so it’ll be really interesting to hear Wrestlerish mach 2.  Matthew Mole will be opening the show and he’s just won a nationwide competition through Converse to play at the legendary 100 Club in London.  He certainly is a big talent and we’re really happy that he’s been given the opportunity.  Come to the show to see what he does!

Here’s the facebook event for all the details:


The new album (Pyramid) progress:

In case you didn’t know, our forthcoming second full length album is going to be called Pyramid.  We’re proud to announce that Gresham Records is going to be distributing the album for us so you’ll be able to find it in stores from October if all goes well.  For the album art design, we got 15 creative minds together to each paint/draw/design a piece of art based on a song on the album we’d given them.  This was all done in a single day and was sponsored by Art Jamming, who very kindly offered to let us use their store in Cape Quarter, Sea Point to allow the artists to create their artwork.  For an inside look into what went down, check this out:  http://10and5.com/2012/08/17/album-art-jamming-with-the-plastics/

MK MVP Award:

The follow-up single to “Stereo Kids”, entitled “Best Pretenders” was released to radio stations around the country yesterday so look out for it on the airwaves soon!  Our next music video is also going to be for this song and it’s going to be an epic one, since we won an MK MVP, giving us a nice bit of budget in order to make it the best we can.  The video is going to be directed by Dan and Claude Morcos, who were the people behind our one shot dance video for Caves.  All I can tell you right now is that the concept is very ambitious and I can’t wait to see them bring it to life!

That’s all for now.  Hope to see all you Capetonians at Mercury on Friday.  We’ll see the rest of you Saffers for our album launch tour in October (dates to be announced soon).

Ciao for now; Karl

Roller Coastal Tour! Album Update! Stereo Kids Behind The Scenes!

Hey Plasticats!

It’s been a while since I last wrote here and a lot’s been happening in our world so here’s a little update into what’s going on:

Roller Coastal Tour:

We’re heading up the East Coast on a mini tour from this Thurs (12th July), taking in 3 gigs.  Juki is away in Berlin at the moment so we’ve got Ebi from The Mysticcs filling in for him in the meantime.  Our first gig with him at the Brass Bell went down well and he’s settling into the songs rather nicely.  He sure is a talented kid!  See the dates below for our Roller Coastal Tour.  Big thanks to Lee Jeans for making the tour possible!  And also to Dave Querido for designing the flyer.  It’s rad!  He’s available for designs so email him at josephquerido@gmail.com if you want to make use of some of his magic.


Album Update:

We’re in the final stages of tracking our new album at Dreamspace after taking a month’s break while our producer Shai was in Germany.  Only a few vocal tracks and some keys left to do then the mixing process will start.  We’re still hoping for a September release so, if all goes well you should be able to get your hands on a copy of our labour of love for spring!

Stereo Kids:

The response to the Stereo Kids video has been awesome!  It’s been sitting at no. 1 on the MK charts for 2 weeks now.  It’s still playing on the airwaves around the country, sitting at no. 7 in the Tuks 5fm charts, peaked at no. 8 on the 5fm top 40 and is enjoying high rotation on Highveld Stero.  For a little taste of what went on behind the scenes in the shooting of the video, check this out:

See you on the road!


Win tickets to our upcoming show at the Brass Bell!

So, Juki has ventured off to Berlin, and we are getting very excited to be joining him in a few months. But in the meantime, Ebi from The Mysticcs will be filling in for him as our new guitarist. Our first gig together will be at the Brass Bell on the 30th of June, and Ebi will be doing double duty that night since we’ll be playing alongside The Mysticcs, as well as Them Birds. The Mysticcs are a great band, and Ebi is an amazing guitarist so we’re extremely amped to have him on board.

We have 2 pairs of double tickets to give away for this gig! All you have to do is comment on the post and say what song you would like us to play during our set. Also please remember to leave your name and email address. Annnnd… GO!